Brian Tjaden
Brian Tjaden is a small business adviser helping companies progress their business processes to the next level of performance against the forces of economic tides. With more than two decades of experience working in and with Fortune 100 companies, to single-owner jobs shops, to startups, he has seen everything from success to failure to revitalization. His resume of education, experience and knowledge present a unique combination that provides proven value.
Asked to summarize his experience, he describes it as: “For two decades I have been a professional white-collar smoke jumper, jumping into business fires around the globe! Many times over I have been asked to lead teams into ‘crisis’ situations that called for a quick assessment of the symptoms and causes, confinement of the problem at hand, development of a strategy to move forward, negotiation for support, implementation of the tactical solution, and training of the team that would eventually take over.  The term ‘crisis’ was simply the imminent business need, the ‘hot fire’ that needed to be solved now!  Basic business problems, such as business start-ups, business initiatives, a need for significant process improvement or just the wanting of a notable competitive advantage. Each crisis unique to its organization, but still a basic business problem.  As a trained, educated and experienced problem solver and solution developer, it’s always about the customer.  Whatever the job, whatever the task, whatever the goal, the mission is always the same—all improvements to the supply chain should always lead to improving exceptional customer service!”
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