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I was elected to represent Northfield's Ward 2 on the City Council in November 2008, but I've worn other community hats, too.   I've served on the Northfield Charter Commission, Non-Motorized Transportation Task Force, Library Board, and Planning Commission.  I’ve also been a Humphrey Institute Public Policy Fellow and a participant in the Blandin Community Leadership Program.
I've lived in Northfield since 1989.  Before I got to Northfield, I lived in Syracuse, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Leavenworth, KS; Springfield, VA; Birmingham, MI (twice), Waldwick, NJ, Ft. Belvoir, VA, and Pleasanton, CA.  Northfield is the only place I've lived where my driver's license, voter registration, and home address have all been in the same state. When not attending meetings, I run or ski around the Carleton Arb with my dog, Sasha, beat my husband at Scrabble, drink coffee, do paper engineering and acquire new hobbies - like my green roof shown above. Much more could be said, but that's what the blog is for.
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