Superintendent Talks About Inequity in Education Funding

In this video, Superintendent Chris Richardson talks about Schools for Equity in Education, an organization made up of 62 school districts, including Northfield.

In this video, Superintendent Chris Richardson talks about Schools for Equity in Education, an organization made up of 62 school districts, including Northfield, which has a goal of helping all Minnesota school districts provide "high-quality education to students" and help with "property tax fairness for all the taxpayers of the districts."

School district funding and property tax reform were highlighted in Governor Mark Dayton's proposed budget this week, which focuses on a tax overhaul to balance the state's projected $1.1 billion budget shortfall.

Richardson said a video created by SEE does a great job showing the disparity between districts by comparing evaluations of property taxes from district to district and how that affects the budgets of the respective districts.

In November, Northfield School Board member Anne Maple blogged on Patch about the SEE video, which can be seen here.

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Jim Flaherty January 26, 2013 at 11:02 PM
Dr Richardson I take it that Northfield is a “hometown” city from the video. Many people in Northfield do not trust the school system. Case in point. Some years ago the school system purchased the South 40 stating the property would be used for future schools. The school system has used a portion of the land for a new football stadium, we had a football stadium but it just was not good enough for Northfield. And then the school system tried to sell the land that they did not own. When it came time to build a new school the school system purchased more land instead of using the land already owned for a new school. These types of actions do not endure the people to trust the school system now or in the future.
Jim Flaherty January 26, 2013 at 11:02 PM
When I graduated from the Northfield School system in 1977 (long ago) The Superintend had a staff of 7 people total. The last time I checked the staff was over 50. Carleton has 1991 students and 1040 acres of land. St Olaf has 3176 students and 300 acres of land. Those combined 5167 residents and the 1340 acres are living here tax free. It would sure be nice if the billion dollars’ worth of property jointly owned by the Colleges and enjoyed by the students had some value to the school system don’t you think? The last time I checked (and it was a few years ago) only 49% of property in Northfield was taxed. The rest was non-profit, parks and schools. For years the city of Northfield resisted business growth. As property values in Northfield have fallen in the past few years our property taxes have gone up. Many if not all tax payers in the Northfield school district pay more out of pocket now than 5 years ago. What was the purpose of the video? What are you saying? And what are you asking for?


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