Carleton College Considered One of the Nerdiest Colleges

So, have you ever been in a mustache club?

has long been known for its strong education and quirkiness—think .

But the HuffPost College site on Thursday honored the Northfield college for another dubious distinction: its Mustache Club.

The post tossed aside academics, shyness and pocket protectors in creating this list of eight schools, saying that "modern nerds" pursue what they want with all their heart, despite how bizarre it may be.

In response to the question "What are some stereotypes about Carleton College students?", one unigo.com student reviewer replied, "We are nerdy, we love frisbee, and we are generally less good-looking."

Are the stereotypes accurate?

"Generally," the student replied. "We have 1.9 frisbees per student, we are definitely nerdy, and we don't have much time to make ourselves look good."

And while frisbee ratios can help with the nerd factor, the college was selected for its Mustache Club for students who can grow a mustache—or for those who want to don a fake one.

For a look at the other seven schools, check out the HuffPost College page.

Henry Goodwin December 15, 2011 at 12:55 AM
How did Carleton of all colleges make the list? St. Olaf is far nerdier, both in good and bad ways....like the fact that we beat MIT at the Rube Goldberg competition a few years ago. I grew up near MIT, I know how to scale nerdiness. Carleton is more of a jock school than a nerd school. Sorry, guys.


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