UPDATED: Adult Film Actress Won't Be Allowed to Attend Tartan Prom

A Tartan High School student used Twitter to ask adult film actresses to be his date for prom, and one agreed.

A student to go to prom with him May 12 won't be allowed to bring the woman to the dance, according to a statement released by the school. The statement says:

"It has been reported in the national news that a Tartan student has invited a porn star to attend prom and she has accepted his invitation, subject to his paying for her airfare to Minnesota.  However, this prom date will not be allowed to attend the Tartan prom as her attendance would be prohibited under Tartan’s standard prom procedures and would be inconsistent with two school district policies, E-077 (Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites) and E-084 (School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities)."

The student, Mike Stone, told the Pioneer Press that, "My mom was a little mad, but my dad is OK with it."

He has been trying to raise money through his Twitter page to fly his date to Minnesota for the event.

Adult film actress Megan Piper, 19, who had agreed to go to prom with Stone, said the date’s probably off based on the reaction from the school and a news report that his mom was embarrassed by his actions, in an interview Wednesday, March 22.

“If I was a parent, I don’t really know what I would think,” she said. “Right now, I’m just trying to wait and see, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like I’ll be going.”

Piper said she has received offers from travel agencies to book and pay for her airfare from Los Angeles to Minnesota, and she’s been getting feedback from all over the world.

“Everybody loves this story,” she said. “They think it was really cute.” 

Stone is not giving up on his big night.

He told the Pioneer Press that he's considering organizing a competing prom at a hotel down the street from Tartan's prom location—the Landmark Center.

Richard March 25, 2012 at 04:57 PM
One point mentioned in this but not discussed alot is the fact that the school does have process to request attendnace of non-student guests. What I'm curious about is has the school ever in the past denied admittance? Does this request require listing of occupation? Does the school actually perform background checks on each and every non-student? Background checks are performed on coaches, etc involved with school to ensure student safety, and there is a cost of that which is paid by the applicant. We talk about this as process to ensure student safety. I would bet detailed background checks are not done on all non-student requests, and I bet information required to be provided is minimal. Yes a process is in place but I would venture the process is not thorough in screening non-student attendees. I would bet you that had this news not broke making the school aware of her background she would have been allowed to attend as the screening process would have never caught it. If you deny admittance on premise that you are doing so to ensure student safety then your process of ensuring it for all requested non-student attendees had better be strong and you better be able to prove it actually works. If I were a parent of student might want to ask about that. I think you would be surprised as to what you find.
Jim March 25, 2012 at 05:30 PM
You are 100% correct. The process should be well defined identifying exactlly who will be excluded from attendance. I suppose a crimminal background check on minors won't reveal anything because their records are not available. However those over 18 would reveal crimes commited and may be a good reason to exclude them from attendance. In this case the young lady involved would state her profession as simply Actress. Why would a persons profession matter when attending a HS prom. I'd be more concerned about a 19 year old who has no profession than someone who is an actress. As some say: "Who Made Tartan God?"
Jim March 30, 2012 at 03:49 PM
This event was used for humor by Leno. He said the case was different in that in a normal prom the boy takes a girl to prom and attempts to make her into a porn star not the other way around.
Susan March 30, 2012 at 03:55 PM
On another show, I heard the comment "aren't we all porn stars on prom night?".
Jim March 31, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Susan, the funny aspect of the situation is the real porn star in all likelyhood in this case probably would NOT have performed as everyone would have expected, including the boy in this case. And yet how many DO perform like a porn star after prom, as you indicate? Note: I leave out any reference to gender on purpose. When ya think about it the situation is kinda funny, as in LOL.


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