A Dog Lost in Plain Sight

Freckles is a dog who was being neglected while no one said a word. She was brought to Prairie's Edge Humane Society and is now healthy and waiting for her forever home.

Freckles when she first arrived a PEHS.  You can see her ribs and her hip bones protruding.
Freckles when she first arrived a PEHS. You can see her ribs and her hip bones protruding.

Lost in plain sight… that is what happened to Freckles.  Due to privacy issues we cannot share Freckles full story or everything that happened to her prior to her being brought to Prairie’s Edge Humane Society (PEHS) but what we can tell you is that Freckles was not a stray dog who got in this condition from wandering alone and lost.  Freckles actually had a home and people in her life, but the condition she came to PEHS in was what we normally would see when a lost dog that has been fending for themselves for a long period of time is brought to us.  Freckles is a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles mixed dog who was brought to PEHS two months ago extremely underweight, scared, suffering from an ear infection that had been left untreated for several months thus causing her much pain and extremely matted fur throughout her body.   

Freckles was so underweight that you could count each rib and her hip bones were protruding through her skin.  Because she was so underweight Freckles shivered constantly and had no energy.  This is a high energy breed of dog but she simply did not feel well enough or have the nutrients she needed in her little body.  Our shelter veterinarian needed to spread out the length of time between giving Freckles her various vaccinations because her little body was not healthy enough to handle receiving her vaccinations in the normal manner.  Freckles was suffering from neglect even though she had a home and people who should have cared for her and people who knew the situation and should have helped her but did not.  Freckles was a lost dog living in plain sight of many humans.  

The hair between her toes was matted so tightly that her feet hurt.  Besides the pain from an extreme ear infection the long hair on her ears was also matted causing even more pain for her.  There was matted hair throughout the rest of her coat as well.  Freckles hair had been this way for a long time, it had not just transpired.  If you want to know what it feels like for an animal to have hair this tightly matted simply grab your own hair, pull as hard as you can and then twist it to your scalp as tightly as possible while still pulling it.  If you want to know how Freckles felt, then think about being hungry all the time and having an extreme ear ache to go with the pain while you are pulling and twisting your hair at the same time.  See how long you can stand that pain before you let go, and then remember Freckles had that pain all the time.  There was no relief from it until Cyndi Jones at Canine Design donated her time and spent over 3 ½ hours grooming her.    

The neglect of Freckles ended the day she came to PEHS.  Freckles was put on a healthy diet which would help her gain weight at a healthy pace as well as give her the nutrients she needed to regain the energy level of a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles dog.  When she first came to PEHS she was very shy, scared and insecure.  After two months of loving care from the staff and volunteers at PEHS her infectious bright personality has shined through and even blossomed.  She is a completely different dog.  She is happy, healthy and full of energy and love to give to someone who will love and care for her as she so deserves.  It truly takes a "village" to care for these animals that come to PEHS.  From the staff, volunteers and our shelter veterinarian to Cyndi Jones of Canine Design and Dr. Rich Lorang of Countryside Animal Hospital who worked with our shelter veterinarian to make sure Freckles heart was healthy enough to handle her spay surgery once she had gained back the needed weight.  We so appreciate the help we receive from these wonderful caring people and professionals who support us and all that we do for these animals.

Watching Freckles become the happy dog she is today has been a joy and a rewarding experience for everyone at the PEHS shelter.  She enjoys going for car rides, loves to sit in your lap or be held and has now learned the commands sit and down.  Because Freckles was not being fed or cared for properly, her body was not getting the nutrients it needed so she was drinking a lot of water resulting in her having some housetraining issues.  We have been working with her on this and she is doing better and better all the time.  Now that Freckles is healthy she is able to learn these things with the help of patient staff and volunteers without the stress of wondering when or if she will receive another meal.  Freckles has also begun some crate training while with us as well.  She loves to be with people and because of her past history of neglect we feel it would be best for Freckles to live in a home where she is the only dog.  Freckles needs to know that someone will love and care for her and make her feel secure.  She needs to know that she will be fed and she will no longer feel hungry and undernourished.  Even though Freckles was neglected by humans her entire life, we once again see the ability of animals to forgive humans and want to simply share their unconditional love.  Freckles has now been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm and is now waiting for that special someone to take her home.   

Freckles is an example of a dog that was being neglected and could have been helped long before this.  Even though there were people who saw her condition, no one spoke up for Freckles, no one cared enough to ask why this dog was so obviously underweight.  We as humans have a responsibility to care for these animals that we have brought into our homes.  They are loyal, caring friends and companions to us and in return we need to be just as loyal, caring friends and companions to them.  They depend on us and when we see an animal that so obviously needs our help it is our duty to speak up and contact law enforcement.  We cannot simply look the other way and assume someone else will take care of it.  Meet Freckles and you will come face to face with a sweet, innocent soul, who was truly a dog who had become lost in plain sight.  

There are many ways you can help Prairie’s Edge Humane Society care for other animals such as Freckles.  You can donate by clicking here or by sending a check to PEHS, 1201 Cannon Circle, Faribault, MN 55021. You can also attend our events.  On February 15th from 11 am – 4 pm we are holding a vendor sale “Shop for a Cause – Save Some Paws” at the Northfield Eagles Club with over 20 local vendors represented.  On April 12th we will be holding our Annual Dinner and Auction for the Animals at the Northfield Ballroom. We are currently collecting donated items for the silent auction. If you have an item or service you would like to donate for the auction please contact director@prairiesedgehs.org or call the shelter at 507-334-7117.  If you would like to make reservations for the dinner and auction please contact the shelter.  Tickets are $20/person or $130/table of 8, includes dinner, program with speaker and entertainment as well as the auction.  Doors open at 4:00 pm for the silent auction, dinner at 5:30, program at 6:00, auction will close 20 minutes after the completion of the program. 


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