Talking Trash: An Update on Northfield's Switch to Dick's Sanitation

Northfield Patch caught up with Joe Stapf, Northfield Public Works Director and City Engineer, to discuss the transition from Waste Management to Dick's Sanitation.

For this edition of Northfield 101, Northfield Patch caught up with Joe Stapf, Northfield Public Works Director and City Engineer, to discuss the transition from Waste Management to Dick's Sanitation.

Effective Jan. 1, Dick's Sanitation is the new contract hauler for collection of refuse for Northfield residents. Residents should have received their new waste carts by now.

Stapf says because the recycling carts are handled by Rice County, residents won't need to change out those carts. For Northfield residents who live in Dakota County, Dick's should have dropped off new recycling carts.

Residents should begin using that new cart for all their refuse following their last pickup by Waste Management, which is this week. Following their last scheduled pickup, residents should leave their Waste Management cart at the curb so Waste Management may pick up those containers. Waste Management said they will have a truck running the streets of Northfield next week to pick up carts that may have been missed, according to Stapf.

With the change, Stapf said all other aspects of the program will remain the same, including the use of stickers to be attached to extra bags of trash as part of the pay-as-you-throw program for that extra trash. The sticker program for Yard Waste will also be operated the same way as it is currently

Special Service for Refuse Collection
Here's a media release from Stapf about the program: 

Under the terms of both the existing refuse collection contract with Waste Management, and the new contract with Dick’s Sanitation, Northfield residents who are disabled as confirmed by written authorization from their doctor are eligible for “special service.” Section 4, paragraph b of the contract reads as follows:

b. Special Pick-up Arrangements.

Persons with physical disabilities, which prohibit the placement of garbage, refuse, organic food/wet waste, recyclables and yard waste containers curbside must be allowed to make special pick-up arrangements with the Contractor at no added cost to the customer, provided they have a signed statement of need from their physician.

This provision means the trash hauler—if the resident qualifies and so desires—is required to come onto the property and wheel those carts out to the street for pickup, and then return them to their customary spot at those homes.

Over the years during its long history of trash collection within the City of Northfield, Waste Management has developed a list of what is believed to be about 200 households for whom this special pickup service is being provided. However, in recent correspondence with the City, Waste Management has stated an unwillingness to provide this information to the City so that it can be passed on to DSI. Therefore, under the terms of the new contract with Dick’s Sanitation, residents seeking to maintain their special pickup service will be required to provide the City of Northfield with a new and current statement from their doctor confirming their disability. The City will pass this information on to Dick’s Sanitation as soon as it is made available by each resident.

The City of Northfield and Dick’s Sanitation apologizes for the inconvenience brought about by this unfortunate decision by Waste Management. For more information, please contact Joe Stapf, P.E., Public Works Director/City Engineer for the City of Northfield at 507-645-3020

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Jane Doe January 04, 2013 at 05:06 PM
Seriously - city officials are "slamming" Waste Management after all the years of dedicated service they have given to the city of Northfield. Waste Management refusing to give up a list to the city when the residents still have to provide a doctor's note to the city.somewhat of a contridictary statement...since the citizens of Northfield have no control over who picks up the trash, why weren't we able to vote on this issue in November??? I feel we have a right to decide who our trash carrier will be. I guess the City of Northfield will have to learn the hard way about all of the extra little benefits that Waste Management USED to provide.,... one of which was excellent customer service - which after week one with DSI is severely lacking!!!! 6 years of rude drivers - going to be a long 6 years!!!!


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