Why Should You Elect Rob Hardy to the Northfield School Board?

In this video, Rob Hardy, a candidate for the Northfield School Board, tells you why you should vote for him.

No questions. Sixty-three seconds. Why should you be elected?

It was that simple. Northfield Patch spent the past few weeks meeting with candidates in Northfield-related races to have them tell you, the constituent, why you should vote for them in their respective races.

They could talk about anything they wanted: their experience, the issues or why they're a better option than their opponents. We wanted to take this approach because if you ran into a candidate on the street and he or she had your attention for a minute, what would they say to get your vote? 

In this video, Rob Hardy, a candidate for the Northfield School Board, tells you why you should vote for him. Also be sure to read the Patch Q&A with Hardy. 

Each day through Nov. 2 we'll post new videos.

Some candidates used the the full time, others wrapped up early. You'll see many videos are actually longer than 63 seconds because of the Patch intro and outro, but no candidate spoke for more than 63 seconds.

You can also find out more information about the candidates by checking out our election guide for all election-related stories.

Patch would also like to extend a thanks to the Northfield Enterprise Center for the use of its SPUR co-working space at 313 1/2 Division St.

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