Police: Man Pulled Gun on Motorist

An incident of road rage on Highway 3 elevated to the point where one man allegedly pulled a gun on another driver.

A Faribault man is in Rice County Jail after police say an incident of road rage elevated to a point where the man pulled a gun on another motorist on Highway 3 in Dundas.

Jay Kevin Quinnell, 54, is charged with four crimes, including felony possession of a pistol/assault weapon and felony terroristic threats. Quinnell is also charged with possession of a pistol/assault weapon by someone who has been committed as chemically dependent person and for carrying a weapon without a permit, both gross misdemeanors. If convicted of all crimes, the maximum penalty is up to 22 years in prison and/or a $46,000 fine.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Rice County District Court:

On Dec. 5, 2012, a motorist was heading north on Highway 3 between Faribault and Northfield and was about two car lengths behind the car in front of him. The driver of the front car gestured for the motorist to pass, but he didn't want to, and then the driver of the first car, who police say is Quinnell, "flicked" him off.

Quinnell told a Rice County deputy that he pulled onto the shoulder and the second driver pulled in behind him and approached him with a crowbar by his side, which the man corroborated. The two exchanged words before the man returned to his car and they both drove northbound again.

When the two cars approached the stoplight near Menards, the complaint says Quinnell flashed an unloaded 9mm Rueger handgun at the other driver. When police searched the car later, there was also a holster that had a magazine full of 9mm rounds.

Quinnell in November 2008 was convicted of fifth-degree controlled substance and received a 13-month prison sentence, which was stayed and resulted in Quinnell being placed on five years of supervised probation.

In November 2007, Quinnell was convicted of fleeing and fifth-degree controlled substance in Dakota County.

Quinnell was civilly committed for mental illness/chemical dependency in 2006 and 2010, according to the complaint.

A warrant was issued for Quinnell on Jan. 22 because authorities felt, based on previous experiences, that he would not show up to court on his own. Quinnell was booked in Rice County jail on Jan. 23.

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