Man Pulls Driver From Burning Car by Bending Locked Door With His Hands

Woodbury man Robert Renning sprung to action when he saw a car on fire while driving in New Brighton.

Credit: Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
Credit: Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
A Woodbury man saved a driver's life Sunday when he pried open a locked door with his bare hands and pulled the man from his burning car. 

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, which shared the story on Facebook, Robert Renning was driving south near Interstate 35W and County Road D in New Brighton when he noticed a car on fire.

He flagged down the driver, Michael Johannes of Minneapolis, and both men pulled over. Johannes' car became engulfed in smoke and the electronic locks and windows failed, according to police. 

"The frantic driver unsuccessfully tried to kick out the windows," the state patrol said on Facebook. "Renning ran to the car and — with his bare hands — bent the locked door in half from the top down. The glass shattered and Renning reached in and pulled Johannes to safety."

Johannes suffered minor smoke inhalation and had light cuts. Renning was unharmed. Trooper Zachary Hill responded to the scene.

“He did an extraordinary deed, bending a locked car door in half of a burning car to extricate a trapped person,” Hill said. “I feel this man deserves any and all commendation for his extraordinary life-saving measure that kept another from burning alive.”

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Winfrey Young July 01, 2014 at 05:18 PM
Too many folk refuse to believe there are superhuman and other-worldly folk living on this planet...thank you Super Man!!
Lewis Tagliaferre July 01, 2014 at 07:59 PM
All in god's will of course...ergo theofatalism...look it up...
Marshall Sam McCloud July 01, 2014 at 11:59 PM
Holy cow, did anyone get cell footage of that? Bet the news would pay a pretty penny for it. A car overturned in my state about 10 years ago, a boy was thrown out and part of the car came down on top of him. Five or 6 people were struggling to move the car when a young black man on his way to work pulled over, walked over to the camaro and lifted it by himself off the boy long enough for 1 police officer and several motorists to pull the boy out. The guy was pretty humble, everyone thanked him, he said "You're welcome," got in his car and drove away. The police got his license plate and the boy's family called him later to thank him.


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