Report: Drunk Driver Caught in Stolen Car

Benito Daniel Figueroa, 18, could not tell police where he'd acquired the car.

A Northfield teen faces a felony charge after he was caught careening down Jefferson Parkway late Saturday night in a hot car.

According to court registers, Benito Daniel Figueroa, 18, faces one count of car theft, a felony, as well as a third-degree DWI, a gross misdemeanor. He has also been charged with underage consumption.

An officer on patrol saw a car swerving and weaving down the parkway, the Northfield News reports. The driver seemed "barely able to stay on the road" and ended up  in the median more than once. At one point, the driver stopped the car and got out, which is when the officer decided to intervene.   

He apprehended Figueroa, who told him he'd crept through the back door of a bar and binged on liquor and beer. Figueroa had a blood alcohol level of .224. The legal limit is .08. 

He said he didn't know where he'd gotten the car, the report says.

Figueroa made his first appearance in court on Monday. 


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