Nonprofit Leaders: We Want to Help You Raise Money on Give to the Max Day

Find out how you can use Northfield Patch to reach the community.

This is a notice for all Northfield-area nonprofit leaders: Share your story with us.

In the past 18 months, Northfield Patch has received 900 submissions for our Local Voices section. In there, you will find words of wisdom from your neighbors, business owners, stay-at-home moms, government officials and many, many more people who a simple label can't describe.

With Give to the Max Day coming up on Nov. 15—where hundreds of thousands of dollars will flow to our local nonprofits and colleges—Northfield Patch wants to give you an opportunity to share your organization's story and why people should offer it a gift.

We want to help you raise money.

Last year, $13.6 million was raised in Minnesota on GTMD, with GiveMN.org, the group behind the annual giving day, handing out another $4,161,929 in incentives for groups that met benchmarks for individual donations and dollars raised.

Blogging on Patch and sharing your story is as easy as clicking here. In case you missed that, you can try again by clicking here. Seriously, we want to help you raise money next Thursday. You can also email me at corey.butler@patch.com for help or if you have any questions.

In addition to getting great visibility on the frontpage of our site, being promoted to our followers on Facebook and Twitter (more than 2,200 people), we'll also include a list of those who blogged on Patch in our preview story of Give to the Max Day next week. What's not to love about all that?

Here's an example of a few groups that have already reached out to the community through Northfield Patch for Give to the Max Day:

  • Cannon River Watershed Partnership
  • Laura Baker Services Assocation—Twice!
  • Prairie's Edge Humane Society

We hope you take advantage of our platform to reach out to the community. We'd also welcome you to continue to share your news and stories with the community through Patch.We're a tool for you to use—please do.

Happy fundraising!

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