Local Voices: Rescue Dogs, Candidate Forum, HCI, Just Food

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It was another great week for the Local Voices section.

Let's jump right in! (Click on the links to read the posts.)

• BLOG: Macy the Rescued Puppy Loves Kids
• First Day of Fall—Time for Some New Clothes!
• BLOG: Nutella Banana Bread Recipe from Diane's Food Blog
• Just Food Welcomes New General Manager Patrick Neily
• Lunch 'N Learn About Employee Volunteer Opportunities
• Final Month to Stroll Riverwalk Market Fair Outdoors!
• Introducing Technology Trends with Tim Freeland
• Have You Ever Gone Into the Woods ... and Just Sat There?
• Are You Interested in the Arts and Culture of Northfield? Then Check Out the Upcoming Candidate Forum!
• HCI Board Funds Five “Investing in Youth” Grants to Benefit Area Youth
• A Little Venting About Boxelder Bugs
• BLOG: Homemade Fruit Fly Traps

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