Feedback: Presidential Debate, Campaign Donations, Marriage Amendment

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Patch’s question on Facebook: Who's watching/watched the [presidential] debate? What did you think? One candidate stronger than the other?

Nancy Nichols Hensley
Obama is the only one who makes sense. and doesn't look terrified!

Jennifer Gilligan Edwards
Mitt nailed it!

Jana Ritch Kane
I prefer to look beyond the looks at the heart and meat of the issues at hand... Even with 'preacher hair' Romney is the only man that understands economics and how to get the US back into a functioning state of being.

Ricardo Mendoza Smith
TO Nancy wrong Obama looked very terrified!!! and most of us know it

Philip Poyner
They both came across as duller than dirt.

Kent Koester
No Nancy hes just looking down like a scolded child that knows hes done us all wrong and waiting for his punishment!

Brea Cruce
Mitt is a moron!

Roy Wentzel
Mitt is just another male dominering Republican out for the rich, which is not in touch with the little people.

Nancy Nichols Hensley
Romney was. "Pushy" and very impatient. He even attacked Jim. I wish Obama would have drilled him on his big plans to watch him answer some real questions about his platform - the wishie washie one.

Toni Hansmeyer
We really cannot afford another 4 years of Obama. The guy doesn't have a clue .. Mitt nailed it.

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Election 2012: How Much Have Your Neighbors Given to Obama and Romney? 

Kent Koester
Dont see to many Romney signs I think I counted one. I went online to google where I could get one and all I got were Obama campaign places. This is the worst onesided election I hope I ever see.

Jana Ritch Kane
I've donated and ordered signs/T-shirts and stickers twice now from the Romney campaign site - it's very easy to get to and make donation/ order product from... Unfortunately, they are so backed up, the orders are really delayed - over 3 weeks from time of order at moment.

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Patch post on Facebook: The Council approved a resolution tonight opposing the proposed Minnesota marriage amendment. Mayor Rossing and Councilors Buckheit, Imm, Nakasian and Zweifel voted yes. Councilor Pownell abstained.

Megan Kraby
I'm confused as to why entities such as the city of Northfield and Carleton and companies are "voting" on this issue when it is a state constitutional question? I'm assuming it's symbolic?

JoAnn Eaton
What a total waste of time.

Kathy Phillipsen
Yeah, I don't get it either. Hum.

Kent Koester
It's because these people think their bigger than they really are Kathy. Lets worry about important issues like getting some jobs into this town that pay more than 8 bucks an hour. Theres a novel idea NO???

Kristie 'Hill' Rimpila
I believe EQUAL RIGHTS Is an Important Issue??!! And Northfield is a small town in comparison, I lived there for twenty years and never had a job that paid well, so I drive to Lakeville for work.. big deal? No. It's all about the population..Now if I would have applied for a job that paid better in Nfld and had been denied because of my sexual preference.. that would be considered discrimination correct?! Apparently not to some. This amendment takes away freedoms that everyone should be entitled to!! Think about it! How would you like it if someone took yours away? The council's voting on this may be symbolic yes, but good for them!! I also choose to oppose the marriage amendment and it will be a sad day to call myself a Minnesotan if it passes..

Ricardo Mendoza Smith
I just dont understand WHY people or company's pet there business into peoples personal lives?? what they do behind closed doors is no ones business but there own... I believe if every person would mind there own personal issues to them selves and stay out of others, This world would be a much better place.

Adriana Estill
I agree with Kristie--when it comes to issues of civil rights (which this amendment threatens), I believe we all have a responsibility. And that responsibility doesn't just include voting on our own but also making sure that, in the face of discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance, there are communities willing to take collective stands. So I'm immensely proud of St. Olaf's faculty, Carleton's faculty, all the other colleges of the state that have taken a stand (Gustavus, Macalester, etc), all the businesses that have announced their opposition (including General Mills, Thomson Reuters, Orion Corp, and more than 50 others), and all the cities that have done so (Northfield joins Mankato, Roseville, and 12 others).

Kristie 'Hill' Rimpila
Exactly :) In order to live in a world without Hate, We must create it! Both of My daughter's haven't been told anything other than Everyone is Equal.. Why should we Teach them anything else?? Love is Love. Why some people choose to believe differently makes me sick to my stomach, they are the very reason Discrimination, Prejudice, and even Bullying exists! Remember Once upon a time Interracial marriage was also Illegal.. Why? Because people were afraid! What are people afraid of?!!!

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