Back to Work

I'm thankful for this process. It's a constantly evolving thing, which we all help redefine. It's never finished, if we're doin' it right.

On November 6th we did a good thing. We have celebrated, taken a well deserved rest and basked in the peaceful glow of victory. Now it’s time to get back to work.

We cannot afford to fall asleep like we did in 2010, when the tea party came to town. We need to stay engaged now to keep moving forward. On Nov. 7th I wrote John Kline congratulating him and reminding him that “the people” had spoken. 60% of whom, in response to exit polls, including 42% of republicans, said that we should raise taxes on the top 2%. I.e. repeal the Bush tax cuts. They also voted against the privatization of Medicare, Medicaid, social security, and public schools. We “the people” need to hold John Kline accountable for representing US now, before we go off the cliff.

This is our responsibility.

Government “of the people, by the people, for the people” demands that we stay engaged. And since we can’t all go to Washington we have John Kline there to represent US. We need to communicate with him, now that he represents US. If he wants to keep his job he needs to actually represent US, not just 2% of us, not just the special interests that funded his campaign, but the majority of the American people who just won this election. Tell him to repeal bush tax-cuts, pass the Buffet rule, and maintain entitlements. Lest we repeat the mistakes of the past (that handed our legislature to the tea party) we must be awake and empowered NOW.

I assure you that the right wing extremists are fully awake with their hair on fire! Let’s keep the activism, and the energy (sans flames) going, and keep moving forward. If we truly want to be a democratic republic which is representative of ”the people” voting is only the first ( and arguably the most important ) step. It is good we had such a fantastic turn- out, and won so much. But if we just take our prize home and throw it in the corner, it will surely go to waste! We must use this opportunity to make changes happen.

Please write John Kline and tell him to serve the will of the people, before Christmas. Washington, D.C. office… 2439 Rayburn HOB. Washington D.C. 20515…..(202) 225-227.....Kline.house.Gov Remind him that his vote against raising minimum wage cost us a great stimulus.  Tell him now is the time to enact the President's American Jobs Act. 


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