Meet Your DJJD Ambassador Candidates

Three ambassadors will be selected 6 p.m. Saturday at Northfield Middle School.

It's that time of the year again.

On Saturday, three new ambassadors will be selected as the new representatives of the Defeat of Jesse James Days.

This year is the first year for . Previously, one queen and two princesses were selected.

“It’s time for us to make this shift because this is what we truly are—ambassadors for the Defeat of Jesse James Days," said Julie Eddy, Ambassador Scholarship Program Chair. "Many see a queen and princesses and automatically think 'beauty pageant,' but we are so much more than that!”

The three selected will travel throughout the state promoting DJJD and Northfield. The three ambassadors also spend a lot of time volunteering with organizations like the Special Olympics and .

Throughout the year, ambassadors make more than 60 appearances and at the end of their reign each ambassador receives a $2,000 scholarship. The ambassador program, according to Eddy, is designed to empower young women with poise, polish and a promising future.

Saturday's coronation is at 6 p.m. at . Admission is $6 with a DJJD button, which can be purchased for $4 and gets you into many events during DJJD week.

Last weekend, the 2013 DJJD were selected. 

Here are the candidates:

Sonia Berdahl
Parents: Mark and Laura Berdahl
Sponsor: , Mark Quinnell

Patty Cebulla
Parents: Mary Cebulla

Annie Clack
Parents:  Tim Clack and Denise Clack

Elissa Dulski
Parents: Lori Elstad and Tony Dulski
Sponsor: Castle Rock Bank

Allie Harmer
Parents: Margaret and Terry Haugen and the late Doug Harmer

Brenda Guadalupe Kell
Parents: Bob Kell & Clarita Kell

Ashlyn Rossow
Parents: Troy Rossow and Heidi Haugen

Becca Splichal
Parents: Tony and Michelle Splichal

Katiana Trout
Parents:  Tom and Wendy Trout

Karmen Yoder
Parents:  Randy and Kira Yoder
Sponsor: College City Beverage

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