What Should Go Here?: Northfield Post Office

Should the USPS consolidate Northfield's postal services, what would you like to see fill the downtown space?

Northfield's business landscape is constantly changing—and part of that change includes vacant properties peppered throughout the community.

There’s little doubt residents have their own ideas on how they'd like to see these spaces filled.

In this new feature, Northfield Patch asks you to imagine the future of these spaces. Do you see a new restaurant? A new store? Something no one else has considered? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

In this will-it-or-won't-it close scenario, the continues to anchor downtown Northfield and Bridge Square, just as it has .

As it stands, the United State Postal Service has identified the downtown office as one of many locations to consolidate. In this case, the USPS wants to move the downtown operation to the USPS postal carrier annex at 2101 Cannon Road, near  in the southern end of the city.

Several groups, including the task force, the city's Heritage Preservation Commission and the , have come forward to try to keep a downtown Post Office presence.

This spring, the historic  was one of dozens of properties listed as on the market on the United States Postal Service’s properties-for-sale website. It is not currently listed, but the asking price for the property—the 9,708 square-foot building that was built in 1936 and a half-acre lot with 15 parking spaces—was $845,000.

The online for-sale ad—which called the post office an “architecturally distinct building”—said the  property “represents a unique opportunity to purchase a unique and beautiful former U.S. Postal Service facility.”

In March 2011, the  the Bridge Square post office was one of 16,000 sites nationwide being considered for closure as part of a cost-cutting plan as the USPS continues to lose money as people turn away from traditional mail services for other options of communication and sending packages.

So, even though the space isn't vacant—and many people don't want to see it vacant—we have to ask: What would you like to see fill the space should it become vacant?


14 Bridge Square

What is it?

Vacant: Still in use, but slated to close

Current owner: United States Postal Service

History: The USPS started construction on the site in 1935 and the USPS has operated out of the building since 1936. about the history of the USPS in Northfield and about the building.

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Jimbo June 27, 2012 at 07:56 PM
What we really need there is a 6 level parking ramp. Or a strip club. Either one is needed for downtown.


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