Tami Enfield Has Branded Herself with Brand Yourself

Northfield Patch caught up with Tami Enfield and her company, Brand Yourself, to learn more about the importance of social media marketing strategies for businesses.

Brand Yourself has been successfully providing social media marketing strategies for Northfield businesses for a little more than a year now.

In her work, owner Tami Enfield offers a variety of workshops and seminars on how to properly apply social media like Facebook or Twitter to the business world. Most importantly, she offers a valuable commodity: time.

Northfield Patch recently caught up with Enfield to learn more about the nature of her business as it continues to grow.

What do you do?

We customize social media strategies for businesses. We generate orginal or curated content for businesses' social media platforms, and we manage a few blogs.

If you weren't doing this, then what would you be doing?

Most likely, I would be doing more photography. When it comes down to it, I'm drawn to anything that involves creativity, and I'm always willing to learn new things.

Where are you located?

Spur. Spur is located on Division Street above Jenkins Jewelers and Division Street Dance. 

What sets your business apart from others?

Brand Yourself teaches businesses how to measure success online and continues to set goals for each business' online traffic. Most importantly, we have the ability to create content for businesses on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that does well.

What excites you about the future of your business?

Our 2013 goal is to continue to educate and consult businesses on social media campaigning through workshops and seminars in person as well as online.

E-mail:  tami@brandyourselfconsulting.com
Website: www.brandyourselfconsulting.com
Facebook: Brand Yourself Consulting
Brand Yourself is located at Spur on Division Street above Jenkins Jewelers and Division Street Dance. There are two entrances: one on Division Street between the two stores in a little blue/cream vestibule—go up a flight of stairs, or, the other is at street level around the back side of the building behind the big white house. The address is 313 1/2 Division Street.

Ashley R. Tanberg is an intern for the Northfield Enterprise Center and Northfield Patch.


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