Carleton College Alum on New Novel: ‘Possibly My Favorite Book’

The Woodbury author and Carleton College alum's latest novel, “Spilled Blood,” is set to be released Tuesday, May 1.

’s next novel will hit shelves and online bookstores on Tuesday.

It's clear the alum is pleased with his latest endeavor, Spilled Blood.

“I’m really, really proud of this book,”  told Patch. “It’s possibly my favorite book.”

Like his previous efforts, Spilled Blood focuses on psychological suspense.

“This is the pinnacle of what I’ve been trying to do in that genre,” Freeman said.

The book is set in rural southwestern Minnesota, where two towns are feuding over a chemical manufacturer. Against that backdrop comes a game of Russian roulette that leaves one girl dead, another who runs away, and a third in jail on murder charges.

That third girl’s father, Chris Hawk, comes to town from the Twin Cities to defend her and find out what happened, while at the same time trying to mend relationships in his life.

It’s more of a “pure thriller” than most of his other works, Freeman said, and critics have hailed its “cataclysmic finale.”

“It’s still one man’s search for redemption,” he said.

This is also Freeman’s first novel set in a fictional locale.

“Usually people can go out and check Google Earth to see where each chapter is set,” he said.

He traveled to Montevideo and Granite Falls to do research for the book, and aspects of those places are part of the landscape in Spilled Blood. There are advantages to having a fictional location: it allows readers to imagine their own scenes and Freeman can bend the environment “to suit my dramatic purposes," he said.

In the coming months Freeman will travel across the country for book signings under his new publisher, Quercus.

And for those awaiting a return of his Jonathan Stride character, have no fear. There is a “long short story” called Spitting Devil available for electronic download exclusively through the NOOK store at the Barnes & Noble website.  

The next full-length Stride novel is set for a spring 2013 release.

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