Quiz: Do You Know Your Northfield Bank Raid Faces?

If you're a townie, you probably know the story of the raid on Northfield's First National Bank in 1876. But could you pick the faces of the major players out of a line-up? Find out with our quiz.

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If you're a townie, you probably know the story of on Northfield's in 1876.

You know the names, but do you know the faces? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Above, find 10 photographs of men who were either James-Younger Gang members or Northfield residents involved in the battle. Each photograph has a number in its caption.

Match those numbers with the names of the men below. Watch out! There is one extra name, just to make things more difficult.

Find the answers below.


  • Bill Stiles
  • Bob Younger
  • Charlie Pitts
  • Clell Miller
  • Cole Younger
  • Frank James
  • Henry Wheeler
  • Jesse James
  • Jim Younger
  • Joseph Lee Heywood
  • Nicolaus Gustafson



Bill Stiles, 6; Bob Younger, 8; Charlie Pitts, 5; Clell Miller, 4; Cole Younger, 9; Frank James, 3; Henry Wheeler, 7; Jesse James, 1; Jim Younger, 10; Joseph Lee Heywood, 2; Nicolaus Gustafson, not pictured.

  • 9+ correct: Sheriff. Way to go!
  • 6-8 correct: Pinkerton. You always get your man—well, almost.
  • 4-6 correct: Posse. Are you sure you know who you're looking for?
  • 0-3 correct: It's time for a tour at the !

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