Local Rescue Story Finalist in National Contest; Chip N Clip Coming Up

PEHS needs your votes to help win $3,000!

At we are continually amazed by the dedication, enthusiasm, generosity and care for the animals that is shown by our volunteers and supporters on a daily basis and Nancy and Stan Partin of Northfield are no exception.   

Nancy and Stan have been rescuing animals for more than 35 years. But on one particular evening nine years ago, Stan Partin swerved his car on the freeway on-ramp to avoid hitting a small lump in the middle of the road.  It was a 3-day old orphaned kitten. To the dismay of the other drivers, he stopped and scooped up the little furball. 

After a crash course from Prairie’s Edge Humane Society on what it would take to raise a kitten who was only a few days old, who would need to be bottle fed round the clock, and with lot’s of support from their veterinarian, Mika is now a beautiful Torti-Calico, 9-year-old beloved cat with a special bond to the Partins.  And now the Partins and Mika are sharing their story with the world in hopes of winning $3,000 for Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. 

Mika was rescued by the Partins and now Mika’s story is helping other homeless animals in an amazing way. 

The Animal Rescue Site, a nonprofit organization that helps rescue animals, sponsors a Shelter Challenge each year. Part of that challenge is a story contest in which hundreds of people from around the country submit stories about the animals they have rescued. If their story makes it to the top five selected, which Mika’s story did, the rescue organization selected by the Partins wins $1,000.  The Partins selected Prairie’s Edge Humane Society. Now Mika’s story is in the running to win $3000 for PEHS. The winner is selected by public voting on the Animal Rescue Site’s website

Nancy has done everything possible to get the word out and gain votes for Mika’s story in order to help the homeless animals at PEHS.  She has contacted news outlets, other rescue groups—one even as far away as California—and tapped into every e-mail mailing list available to her in order to gain votes. She has been tireless in her quest to push Mika’s story to first place and win $3,000 to help the homeless animals at PEHS.  

Now we are asking for your help! We need your votes.  

As of Wednesday, Mika’s story is in second place, behind by only a few votes and time is running out. Voting ends March 20. You can help push Mika’s story to first place by clicking here and voting.

Stories for all five finalists will be there—click on “Mika: A Wee Bump in the Road” and vote for her story. We need everyone to vote once a day, EVERY DAY.  You can vote from multiple computers as well.  Eash ISP address is allowed one vote daily, so if you have three different computers you can vote from each of them each day!

Let’s push Mika’s story to first place! Mika did her part by surviving against all odds. Nancy and Stan did their part by rescuing Mika, saving her life and now sharing her story. The rest of us can do our part simply by voting for her story, it’s easy, it only takes a minute of your day, each day. Just a minute, to help the homeless, abused and neglected animals of our community. 

Please vote, help Mika win $3,000 for Prairie's Edge Humane Society!

Thank you Nancy, Stan and especially Mika, for taking the time to care! 

Here is the link to the story in the Faribault Daily News.

Here is the link to the story on PEHS website.

We have heard the Northfield News will run it as well. Nancy has also contacted WCCO-TV news in hopes they will pick up the story as well! She has been incredible!

Time for Chip N Clip

holds another “Chip N Clip” event 2-4 p.m. March 12 at 1500 Clinton Lane, Suite J, in Northfield (next to ).

Have your pet microchipped for the low cost of $20. You won’t find a better price anywhere on microchips. Give your pet a better chance of coming home fast and safe if they ever become lost, with a microchip.  Microchip insertion takes only minutes to do, no longer than a vaccination. No appointment necessary, just show up with your pet. 

Once your pet is microchipped, how about a nail trim?

Cyndi Jones, from Canine Design, will be on hand to trim your pets nails and answer grooming questions for only $5. 

All proceeds from the microchips and nail trims will benefit the animals at PEHS.

Sandy Vesledahl March 10, 2011 at 09:09 PM
Mika's story is still in 2nd place but only by a few votes! We need your vote! Help us win $3000 for the animals of PEHS!
Sandy Vesledahl March 15, 2011 at 10:21 PM
We microchipped 42 animals in Northfield on Saturday afternoon, including 5 cats. That's 42 more animals who stand a better chance of being reunited with their owners should they ever become lost. Thanks to all who gave their pets the gift of a microchip!


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