HOW TO: Post Free Announcements, News Releases on Northfield Patch

This nifty video tutorial shows users of any Patch site to post an announcement, including full press releases, by using the tools available to all users on the Patch.

Every week, Patch editors receive a number of emails asking how to post free announcements, news, or press releases to

That's right: free. If you have a birth announcement, a son or daughter on the honor roll or dean's list, or a press release talking about something great offered by your business, you can not only post them on Northfield Patch for the whole world to see, but you can do it absolutely free.

Our Patch sites are designed in a way that is easy for users to post their own announcement without having to wait for the editor to post it for you.

It really is the best way to post your announcement or press release if you are a nonprofit agency, for-profit agency, government body or other group to get your stuff on the Patch, instantly.

Follow this video tutorial to see how to do this, step by step. After you finish watching the video, consider using these techniques in the video to post on the Patch.

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