Host Failies for high school students arriving in late August from All over the World

Hi Everyone I have several students that I am searching for host families for. They range in age from 14 to 17 and attend your local high school. Host families provide breakfast and dinner and the kids have their own spending money to pay for school lunches and activities with the host family and friends. We still have about 80 kids needing homes. Here are a few kids letter that are looking for homes. Feel free to contact me at 612-750-4928.

You can be a welcome family th...at hosts for 6 to 8 weeks to get the kids started here.

Karolina- Norway-17
Good Day or Good evening. I guess it depends on when you are reading this letter. Well if you are reading this letter well i guess that you are at least considering me as a possible candidate to your family addition. My name is Karolina and although I live now for 5 years in Norway I am actually from Lithuania. I love to draw and sketch but I really love Math and Science. I am as you say nerdy or geeky.

You probably already know that I am 16. My name is Mariana but you can call my Mari or Mary because after August we will be very close as a real family. So I want you to know my life as well as I want to know about all of you. I live with my parents and my two older brothers. We like to travel together and doing things together like going to the theater and walking around the mall.

Pablo- Bolivia-17

Hi Host Family,
I'm really excited to be there. I would like to go and learn about your culture and I know you will learn about my culture too. I am really happy for this opportunity. I know that I am going to grow up and mature a lot and both of us are going to live amazing things, This is really a dream come true for me, I have a lot to say.

Roberta- Denmark-16
I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and I cant thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. It means so much to me! I can hardly wait to be a part of your family and the American culture. Being an exchange student has been a dream of mine for a lot of years now and I cant believe that my dream is about to come true thanks to you. I am very curious to be a member of a new family. Getting to know you, how you do things what you value in your family what your priorities are I could go on.


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